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Fred J. Quint


About me:

I started photographing in the late sixties but really began to understand it while being further educated at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, the Netherlands in the seventies.

From the beginning of my studies I also started to make posters for all kinds of social activities.

As of the early eighties I stopped making serigraphies, posters etcetera and started teaching and supervising others to make all kinds of graphic publicity products.
Also the computer started to dominate part of my life and after a specialized further education at the University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam I moved on to Desktop Publishing and of course I also learned to use Photoshop (as of version 1.0 in 1990…) and other creative applications.
Welcome to my personal multi-coloured world

After a long. long timeI I´ve finally started classifying great part of my work. Most of it consists of original B&W or color negatives or else color slides.

The so called Digi Art Photos are all based on originals from my own negatives or slides which have been manipulated, combined or otherwise changed with Photoshop and/or in whatever way I wanted and my Macintosh allowed me to do with them.

All of the serigraphy works are principally also based on photos made by myself (one clear exception is the photo of the earth in the "some place, somewhere, sometime" serigraphy which is a NASA photo because I couldn´t find a proper transport means to take it myself...).

Here you´ll find a mix of a great part of my work classified into 4 categories.

Have a look, hope you like it!

fred j. quint, Spain/The Netherlands

damascus-59-06-bew LR
This photo was made in Homs in Syria, long before the war.
I wonder what has become of these children and their families now in 2018…

Btw: almost all of the photos taken in the slums of Karachi, Pakistan, came about as a by-product of the process of mapping the water supply and mostly open sewage systems for a international joint research project in order to make a start on improving the unsustainable conditions in which people had to live there.

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